Lazy Summer Mornings

Summer vacations have started…

In my house with two teenagers, that means lazy quiet weekend mornings. My teenagers like to sleep in sometimes till noon. I have to admit that I enjoy these quiet hours with no demands or arguments. My free quiet time.. I can do so much in those quiet hours.

Choices, choices, choices..

I can have breakfast in bed and read. I can paint, draw, meditate, exercise, write in my blog, watch some silly TV show, clear clutter, fold laundry, do so many other things or the most popular way to waste time..get on Facebook!

Today, I decided to write (oh and I’m also on Facebook at the same time).

Part of me wishes that I was a morning person and more efficient. In reality, I am not a morning person either. I’ve never been..I guess I’m just like my kids after all. I love sleeping in..I need those hours to make up for the amount of restless tossing and turning during the night. You see, I am an over thinker at night, daydreamer during the day.. (I read this somewhere and loved me!!)

My lazy mornings are my necessary transition from night to day. Sometimes I feel guilty about that and sometimes I think I should be more gentle with myself.


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