I am living in the moment and I don’t care

I was driving home last night and this realization came upon me: I am living in the moment!!! And I don’t care about tomorrow or any worries about the future. To some this may seem like an easy thing to do. To me, this is HUGE!!!

You see for someone like me, who had her whole world turned upside down a few years ago when my narcissist ex-husband walked out, struggled with a difficult divorce process, anxiety, insomnia, worries for my kids and I, dealing with an unknown future… I could go on and on…LIVING IN THE MOMENT IS A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!

Best of all, it happened naturally. As I was driving and reflecting on my beautiful evening of wine and intimate moments, I realized that I didn’t think of anything else that evening. I just enjoyed every little detail of my evening..wine, snuggling on the couch, laughing, the intensity of his eyes, …

I don’t care anymore about my perfect vision of an ideal future and an ideal love. There is no such thing or maybe there is..I don’t care!! I refuse to worry about it!

All I have is now. NOW, I am happy..






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