Happiness is Precious Moments

Somebody asked me the other day if I was happy. I had to stop and think about that question for a few minutes. I realized that despite all the anxiety and hardships of the past few years since my divorce, despite the fact that I still haven’t reached my career and relationship goals, that.. Yes.. I am Happy!!

For me, happiness is not a constant state of being, but it is in precious moments and experiences that I would not give up!!

The first time I experienced the thrill of kissing someone new..oh, the big goofy smile I had on my face driving all the way home. I felt alive!!

A simple unexpected afternoon picnic under the pier at the beach, just enjoying someone’s company.

The first time I did something totally new and out of character..

The thrill of a new adventure wether it’s as simple as riding a roller coaster or paddle boarding…

Sharing an intellectually stimulating conversation with someone and learning new ideas.

Accomplishing a goal I set to myself..

Throwing paint on a canvas outdoors with a spontaneous friend..

Something simple like the butterflies of a first kiss under a lamppost, holding hands in a movie theater or just watching a sunset..

A pizza and wine dinner with a new friend sitting on the steps of a yet unfurnished house..

The excitement of getting a dance right and learning to relax into it.. The high I get from dancing with an amazing dance partner..

The new courage and independence of my new beautiful life.. Even in the midst of chaos, I found beauty and happiness.

As I look back at these moments, I realize that none of these were planned or expensive. Yet,  these are the happy moments that come to mind.  These are memorable moments that stirred new feelings in me, touched my soul and made me feel alive!! So, here I am, just going day by day, accumulating more of these little bits of happiness.




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