Am I a Party Girl?

Lately, I’ve been going out dancing quite a bit. However, this leaves me wondering wether I give the impression that I am a party girl. By party girl, I mean “a girl or woman who is interested in little else besides attending parties” per

Dancing is my chosen form of exercise and stress relief. It gives me a sense of freedom and joy that I have not experienced before. I have not grown up as a dancer, this is a challenge that I have given myself.. Something new and fun outside of my comfort zone.

Now, I don’t go to every party. I don’t stay out till the party ends.  I don’t even drink..I just dance!! I have heard though how guys perceive party girls and how they do not take them seriously. I don’t want to be seen like that. After all, there is so much more to me than dancing!!

Then, what am I?? Why do I go dancing so much even if I am exhausted?  I go dancing because at times I’m just too lonely. Dancing can always fill my weekends, it is an escape from my reality, my problems, my worries and my stress. It is my addiction, my drug.. Obviously, that’s not a bad drug to be addicted to. A wonderful friend once told me: “You don’t smoke? You don’t drink? You don’t do drugs? You dance??? Now, how is that bad????”

Dancing fills a void. Everyone on that dance floor has a void to fill and a story to tell. I may not know everyone’s story, but sometimes you can catch glimpses of it in their eyes. I think if anyone looks closely enough in my eyes, they can tell.. She’s not a party girl, she’s a lonely sad girl who needs her temporary escape and she hides it behind her beautiful smile.  And sometimes, just sometimes, it works so well that I smile all the way back home and into the next day. Yes, I can never give up dancing. Dance got me through the most difficult days of my life and surrounded me with wonderful new friends.


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